The Desolate Barrens

The Barrens rest near the equator of the planet. They are dry and nearly inhospitable. That does not stop people from forming villages down here to escape the  busy life of the rest of the world. There are four settlements that people are aware of in the Barrens, and those are: Blackburn, Caistel, Carden, and Hythe. A fifth city once stood many years ago called Galefar, but it has long been ruin.

The history, and destruction of Galefar is unknown, and merely speculation in this day and age. Some say a dragon destroyed it, some say a powerful wizard. The most likely outcome is that the city simply could not sustain itself and buried itself beneath the sand like so much more in the desert.

The desert is barren of life outside the cities. Bullettes are found near nesting areas, which seem to be focued around hills/mountains. Jackals are a common sight, as well as a foreign Orc camp or two. Although the biggest threat to travelers is the intensity of the desert itself.

Among the 4 remaining cities, Caistel and Carden are the two largest, and the culture around them has led to the capture and use of slaves. These are typically monstrous creatures, most common being goblins. Orcs are available for purchase, but come at a hefty price.

The Desolate Barrens

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