Jenyra Fallbck

An architect from Gerario, Capital of Lemnisia, who is out to discover new artifcts for her museum.


Jenyra is often seen wearing padded leather armor, although it is hidden ’neath her common clothes. She carries a dagger on her as well, but it is obvious she does not know how to use it well.

She wears scholarly clothes that she prefers not to, but isnt afraid to get dirty. Her hair is often tied up and out of her face. The long green cloak she wears is a symbol of her fathers status as a council member in Gerario.


Jenyra was raised since birth in Gerario with a standard childhood. She attended a private academy while her parents worked alongside her 4 other siblings. After graduation from academy she pursues a career in ancient artifacts. Initially her 3 brothers would assist her in her journeys to find these antique pieces, but after the death of her youngest brother she stopped bringing family on her treks with her. Opting to instead hire mercenaries or other do-gooders for her aid.

Because of her families high financial standing in the Gerario, she was able to open her own museum to display all of her findings. She has hired other explorers, and workers at her museum to assist in the expansion of the facility. It is one of the largest tourist attractions in Gerario, and really helps the economy boom outside of the trade industry in the capital.

She has a particular distaste for Goblins, as it was in an ambush by Goblin bandits that her brother was killed. She is not heartless towards the creatures, however she does not go out of her way to make sure they are doing well either.

Jenyra Fallbck

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